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We Focus on building Strong, Creative, and Dynamic Relationships.

JAYCO CIO Services works with businesses using technology and innovation to drive growth and differentiate themselves from the competition. Our leaders bring their C-suite experience from large companies to any client looking to take advantage of today’s surge of technology disruption.

JAYCO CIO Services is part of a worldwide consortium of Technology innovators, IT Designers, Architects, Development, and support teams that work closely with our clients to bring our clients the best possible outcomes. Based in Central Florida, JAYCO CIO Services works with companies all over the United States.

Our Approach​

We know that the stakeholders are the center of every business. ​

Our Methodology is simple. We focus on mentorship and education for all Stakeholders. We will get to know the stakeholders, the company culture, and the industry to create budgets and roadmap strategies based on your industry standards and best practices.

Our processes have been proven over time and refined as the industry changes to bring you the most up-to-date best practices in the industry.

How We Can Help You

Start with a simple CIO Assessment. It’s a one-day audit with Stakeholders and your IT Team. From that, we can supply you with a report and roadmap for bringing your company to the competitive edge.

We Are Proud to Be Part of the Florida Makes TPP program.

Over 20,000 manufacturers have made their homes here in Florida. FloridaMakes delivers services and providers through a collaboration of more than 200 partners. All focused on addressing the challenges facing manufacturers. These partners include independent consultants, community colleges, universities, workforce boards, economic development agencies, and research institutions across Florida and the nation.

Areas of Focus

  • Business-aligned Strategy
  • Information Security Plan
  • Cyber Awareness Training
  • Budgeting
  • Cloud Preparedness
  • Application Rationalization
  • Much more

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